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The JJ-SPORT Team on the Taklimakan Rally 2017


Taklimakan 2017 : Imminent start !


Riverside Baja 2017 : 3rd place for the Pál LÓNYAI & Albert HORN duo


With this product we wanted to enable more customers to achieve a factory team solution by using only one damper per wheel, while preserving/maintaining the effectiveness of the conventional system of two dampers per wheel.

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The Lithium body (Ø68) was developed, after thorough research. The first test results already showed the indisputable efficiency of this product. After the test phase we brought it on the market in small series, enabling us to minimize the production costs at the benefit of the customers.

Customer satisfaction and product quality are our primary goals. The overall expressed satisfaction of our customers regarding the Lithium damper shows that we have accomplished our objectives.
This damper, designed to be installed only one per wheel, turned the rallying world on its head. All our latest technologies - shaft Ø25, DETRA system, and Hydro bump stops in compression as well as in release - are incorporated in this product yet the price remains very reasonable. The Donerre damper can without any doubt be qualified as the most solid and effective damper in the world. This damper is not meant to be used exclusively in the racing rally world. It is also available for other industries.

Winner of the 2012 and 2013 editions with Javier Foj in the T2 category, with the same set of shock absorbers and without any intervention from the beginning to the end of the rally.


- Hydraulic damper with flexible tube connection to separate oil/nitrogen container
- Body Ø68 cut from solid block aluminum 7075 T6
- Container with integrated coolers
- Ø25 hardened chromium-plated steel spring
- Donerre specific anti-leakage system
- Integrated DETRA system
- Compression control: Two settings (low speed, high speed)
- One release setting
- Aeronautical high pressure and ‘high flow’ flexible tube
- Flexible tube and container can be orientated in different positions, even under pressure
- Hydro bump stop compressed
- Hydro rebound bump
- Adjustable pre-load of the spring
- stock can go over 500mm

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- ART system
- possible delivery without Fast Rebound System (DETRA®)

Prices for options: contact us

High & Low Speed
Compression damping

Rebound damping

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