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The solution to unlock the full potential of your SSV by accessing the Donerre technology.


The VENIUM inherits an impressive Ø68 body and an Ø25 rod to allow an efficiency and strength out of standard on all type of vehicle.

The VENIUM is the result of engineering and development work, inspired by LITHIUM, which often allows two dampers to be replaced by only one per wheel. Its efficiency remains irreproachable thanks to the integrated technologies which make it a lead product at a challenging price.

The VENIUM is also available for other applications than SSV or Rally-Raid.


  • Hydraulic damper with flexible tube connection to separate oil/nitrogen container
  • Body Ø68 cut from solid block aluminium
  • Container with integrated coolers
  • Ø25 hardened chromium-plated steel rod
  • Donerre specific anti-leakage system
  • 2 Compression damping adjustments: high and low speed
  • 1 rebound setting
  • Aeronautical high pressure and ‘high flow’ flexible hose
  • Flexible hose and container can be orientated in different positions, even under pressure
  • Hydro bump stop in compression (the damper works as stop at the end of the stroke)
  • Hydro bump stop in rebound (the damper works as stop at the end of the stroke)
  • Adjustable spring preload
  • Stroke can go over 500mm

Product sheet_Venium


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