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The JJ-SPORT Team on the Taklimakan Rally 2017


Taklimakan 2017 : Imminent start !


Riverside Baja 2017 : 3rd place for the Pál LÓNYAI & Albert HORN duo


1ST, 4TH AND 5TH (T2), 4TH AND 5TH (T3) (STAGE 14)
Dakar 2013 - Stage 14 : last stage

Rankings :

Of the stage, all classes combined :
-28th Vanagas
-30th Foj

At the overall (final ranking, all combined) :
-16th Vasiljev
-21st Gadasin
-25th Basso
-27th Foj

In the class T1 Cl1
(petrol 4x4 improved cross-country vehicles) :
-5th Vasiljev
-7th Gadasin
-9th Basso
-18th Vidaurre
on 33

In the class T2 Cl2
(diesel cross-country series production vehicles) :
-1st Foj
-4th Yacopini
-5th Halpern
on 10

In the class T3
(light vehicles over 1.050cm3 with an engine able to be homologated in group N or T2) :
-4th Reinaldo
-5th Lopez
on 9



The buzz in the interview area has died down somewhat. The sun is setting on Limache, near Santiago. It's 5:30 pm local time. Martha Mariño and Carlos Bustamante's buggy screeches to a stop in the dust at the end of the Dakar. The Colombian duo relishes the moment, a reward for this rookies' trek through the Peruvian dunes, their crossing of flooding ríos and their braving of the Atacama Desert. Nevertheless, they almost fell out in the penultimate stage. ''Incredible'', says Carlos. ''Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Our fan broke down at CP3, then we had a flat, but we couldn't use the compressor, so we tried the jack, but it didn't work either. We hit it with our hammer. We were desperate. We managed to patch it up, but we finished at 2:00 am. And you know why we succeeded?'', he asks. ''Because we gave it our all!'' Martha removes her helmet and says, with barely concealed emotion: ''The Dakar will change my entire life. I'm happy. Yesterday we reached the bivouac very late but there were friends there. With meat and wine. We didn't stay for long because there was still the final stage left. I can't believe I made it!''. Carlos is now counting his chickens: ''Four Colombians finished the race on their motorcycles; our football team may qualify for the World Cup in Brazil; and a peace agreement will probably be signed in our country...'' The co-driver's enthusiasm. The emotions of the only female driver in this year's rally. The no. 441 buggy shines in its own special way in the solitude of the final finish line.''

331 Vladimir Vasiljev

331 Vladimir Vasiljev

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