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The JJ-SPORT Team on the Taklimakan Rally 2017


Taklimakan 2017 : Imminent start !


Riverside Baja 2017 : 3rd place for the Pál LÓNYAI & Albert HORN duo


Donerre’s Hydro bump stop is characterised by its effective and progressive action.

A Hydro bump stop has several uses. It can protect the chassis in case of major shocks when the damper gets to maximal compression due to an unforeseen event (big jump, unavoidable rock…) : The hydro bump stop is there to preserve the chassis from these extreme compression situations.

It must absorb a maximum shock in a minimum of motion and in the most progressive way.
This bump stop could theoretically be made out of rubber but then this solution has 2 major flaws:

- It “sends back” to the vehicle immediately: a rubber stop stores the compression energy and releases it immediately and brutally, which might lead to unpredictable chassis reactions.

- It brakes in the same manner if we get to the compression limit at 0.1m/s or at 1 m/s.

The Donerre hydro bump stop will adapt its braking effort to the encountered speed.

So the hydro bump stop also has an energy dissipation role. With such a device the rebound phase is improved, and very quickly the vehicle gets back to its normal behaviour and comes under the control of the driver.

The last advantage of a hydro bump stop is to provide a very important improvement to the vehicle’s comfort which will result in greater comfort and safety of the driver and thus better performance.

This hydro rebound bump system is included in all Donerre dampers.

This system improves the longevity of the damper components; it also prevents violent mechanical contact in full rebound phases. This system is so effective that axle check straps are not required in the rally raid series.

Adjustable roll bar.

The SHACKLE is a roll bar that can be adjusted from the dashboard or from outside the vehicle depending on the regulations. The settings range is very wide, from total roll control to complete independence in a few milliseconds.

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