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The JJ-SPORT Team on the Taklimakan Rally 2017


Taklimakan 2017 : Imminent start !


Riverside Baja 2017 : 3rd place for the Pál LÓNYAI & Albert HORN duo


Founded in 94 by Pierre de Frenne, the company DONERRE moved its headquarters in 1995 to the area of Montauban, in the south of France.

In 2004 a new opportunity arose. The company moved a few kilometres, transferring its headquarters to a beautifully renovated ancient paper mill.

In 2008 Donerre became an importer for| WP products.

The company has been exclusively involved in racing products.

Donerre is positioned in a field where high technology and reliability are keywords. These criteria are achieved by the application of quality control through every step of the engineering and production processes. Donerre has an experience of over 40 millions racing kilometres...

Donerre only offers products of an exceptional quality. In order to achieve that goal, we are manufacturing in-house the majority of the components used in our dampers.

The intricate assembly phase is exclusively done in-house and each damper is then systematically tested on our test bed.

Each Donerre damper has been constantly individually checked and evaluated throughout the production process. Each damper has a unique serial number enabling us to track it throughout the entire production process.

The strength of Donerre is a close relationship between the design office, its customers and its crew on racing as often as possible.

Race Agenda.

The palmares obtained by Donerre in all categories of races where Donerre dampers are used speak for themselves. They confirm the fact that these are top quality products, which are used for references in many series.

Donerre dampers are renown for their exceptional reliability; our dampers are the only ones to have won the Dakar rally, using only 1 set of dampers from the start until the end, with no work required on them throughout the entire race.

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